Anti-aflatoxin B1 effects of Shirazi thyme
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تاریخ : جمعه 27 شهريور 1394 - 11:17



An experiment was conducted to study the effect of Zataria multifora (ZM) on the
performance and liver histopathology of broiler chickens contaminated with aflatoxin B1
(AFB1). One hundred and sixty Ross 308 male broilers (one-day-old) were divided into
four treatment groups with four replicates with 10 birds in each replicate. The chickens
were reared on the floor for 35 days. The groups were contaminated with AFB1 at two
different concentrations, i.e., 0 and 1000 ppb, and fed ZM in their feed at the
concentrations of 0 and 20 gr Kg-1.The evaluated performance parameters were subjected
to a completely randomized design with a 2×2 factorial arrangement of the treatments
using SAS software (version 9/1). AFB1 had a statistical lowering effects on the feed
intake (FI), body weight (BW), body weight gain (BWG) and average weight of the
carcass, thigh, chest, bursa of fabricius, back & neck. Also, the weights of liver, gizzard,
pancreas, proventriculus, abdominal fat, full intestine, and heart were increased with AFB1
(P<0.05). In histopathological evaluations, the liver of chickens that received feed
containing AFB1 showed multifocal and varied cytoplasmic vacuolization, severe fatty
change, degenerating foci, fibrosis of the portal regions, and bile duct hyperplasia. The
variables that were evaluated in this study showed that ZM had significant efficacy in
diminishing the aflatoxins negative effects on the chickens.

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